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Japheth Omojuwa survives auto crash in Abuja

Media personality, Japheth Omojuwa on Monday survived what would have been a ghastly car accident at Abuja Express Road. According to the information he posted on Twitter, his vehicle tyre flew off from wheel and he struggled to control the vehicle in between other cars on the expressway, while the tyre rolled away.

"Glory to God. My heart sings praises. It's been a glorious year but this tops everything. Has to be my best day of the year by far. Because my mum isn't crying over some death. My mum shouldn't be shedding tears no more. Big miracle right now! From airport. Car says tyre pressure. Branched to pump. Got back on the AbujaExpress Rd. Driver side tyre flies off!

I had many cars around me. The flying tyre managed not to hit any vehicle. I managed to manoeuvre off the road. Crazy stuff. Like a movie. An unusual calm got over me watching the tyre go. I had the mental presence to weigh my movement options. Zero panic. Miraculous stuff," he said. 

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