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Thursday, 3 November 2016

High school lovers, die hours apart after 74 years of marriage

Grandparents, husband and wife, Leonard and Hazel Cherry, who were described as being so much in love have died hours apart in Texas. They got married in January 1942 and their marriage has last for over 74 years.

Their grandson, Craig Cherry, told KWTX that they had the strongest love ever. 'The two were always smiling and always deeply in love.'  

Leonard Cherry, 95, had only been in hospice care at the St. Catherine Center for a few days in Waco, while his 93-year-old wife was in good health, but had moved into a nursing home.

Leonard Cherry sadly passed away on Thursday at 1pm and his wife died hours later at 11pm. It was not immediately clear what caused her death.  

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