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Graphic Photo: 11-yr-old girl's breast grows abnormally large after swimming in a River

An 11-year-old primary five pupil of Roman Catholic primary school, in Sierra Leone, Mamie Sam, has been thrown into sorrow. This is because her breasts have been growing non-stop since she swam in a river.

Calling on the government and other humanitarian organizations for help, she spoke to Awoko how she went on a fishing expedition together with her grandmother and other women in the town. After the exercise she started experiencing her breast becoming large.

While taking her bath together with the elders in the stream one of the women spoke about her breast saying her breast is becoming abnormal and it is not a good thing for her.

During the night hour she said her breast scratched throughout the night giving her sleepless night and it’s kept projecting up to the current length as she continue to scratch.

She has had to stop going to school because of shame and bullying from other students.

She maintained that her parents have sought medical attention at Nixon Memorial hospital at Segbwema and several herbalists within the community to no avail.

According to her, since the start of her trouble she is always at home either crying or sleeping. She described her breast as a big load on her adding she does not know why God put such punishment on her.

Her grandfather Saidu Moriba said this is the first time he is seeing such wonder in his life time, and that they are baffled as what to do to save her from this trouble. He revealed that several prayers and sacrifices have been done on her behalf but the problem still remains and they are asking for assistance.


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