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Georgina Onuoha bares her mind on Donald Trump’s Victory

US-based Nollywood actress, producer, Georgina Onuoha has taken to social media this morning to pour her feeling on the emergence of Donald Trump as U.S president. Continue reading…

As predicted 1920. Welcome to the new order Of nationalist dictator that will turn their fellow citizen against each. America congrats on your president elect.

While Hard Working Americans pay their taxes, he gains the system for 18 years and takes pride in it.
I'm so looking forward to him building his Great Wall of china.

I bring out from his pockets 2billion dollars to deport 11 million illegal immigrants who pay more taxes than him.

Uneducated white Americans and ignorant blacks and gullible latinos, believed in a Con artist
If transparency is his value, I beg to see his tax returns, only then will I begin to view him as a moral man.. until I wish him the Nixsonian years.. Waiting in anticipation for trumpgate and logical Americans take to protest your president elect.

All those ignoramus who perceive dictatorship and being strong!! Please applaud your victory.
History reminds us to Hitler was a well spoken man , that tapped into the genuine anger of his people during unstable economic conditions in Europe.. He became the voice of the nationalist and the aftermath was world war 2..

I admire Putin's ambition as he welcomes the puppet of America
Mind you, Putin is building the 4th right and annexing formal USSR colonies.. shipping war cargos to Cuba and killing kids in Allepo to control Assad.. Brixit right? Britain has never been more vulnerable than its present state.. please Putin.. carry out your invasion... Donald sees Putin as a friend ? Does who know history will lecture him that Putin was a former KGB kingpin .

My fellow Nigerians are quick to call God, it's sad how religion has been used to blindfold your ability to see beyond God and seek your liberty from rulers instead of calling his name in vain.
God has blessed you with all you need. Do you bit.

God will not do for man what he has given man the ability to do for himself.
I'm just starting this history lessons with you all.

Please disagree with me on issues and make sure your assumptions and citations are accurate.

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