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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

From Bank to Nollywood: Story of Amanda Oruh

 Amanda Oru, one of Nigeria’s fast-rising actresses is set to release a movie “Strangers Web” which will be starring herself, as well as Tina Mba, Ujams Cbriel, Ebere Okaro and other notable Nollywood acts. The movie was directed by Edward Uka. Amanda who was a top executive in one of Nigeria’s leading banks dumped a prospective banking career to embrace her passion for acting and has featured in the movies: "Frenemy", "Hotel Choco"; "Broken mirror", "Hidden Parcel”; and also in TV series like "Tinsel" TV and "Hustle".

The movie “Strangers Web” is a story of a young girl faced with sour twists of life, confronted by life's most unfortunate situations, and was sexually assaulted and rejected; leaving an indelible mark that haunts her. The film is also a story of survival and how the lead character survived by picking up her broken pieces together, but with every mend, life breaks her even more, dealing her painful blows. But destiny comes to the rescue by using her worst situation to mark a turning point in her life.

Speaking, Amanda said the movie is one that encourages and preaches forgiveness. She revealed she felt a strong desire to tell this incredible story and act it out. According to her, “what I have done is to recreate some of the challenges of humankind in a compelling story and bring talented actors and actresses to realise and interpret the story. I am new in Nollywood and still desire to make the kind of marks some of the great names like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola and Stephanie Okereke-Linus have made. These women and so many others too numerous to mention are doing very incredible jobs and I pray that providence will help me contribute my own quota to Nollywood. I want to say first, acting has been my major talent and I have always made it known anywhere I am given a role. I want to use my God-given talent to support humankind and build a better world. I know I still have a very long way to go and trust me I am not looking back, I am really grateful for the much I have done.

“Strangers Web” will be distributed mostly in Africa and promises to be a blockbuster with the level of hard work that is being put into the film. Some of the actors declared they have great enthusiasm over their roles and are ready to make the efforts put into production count. Nigerians should expect an extraordinary film in “Strangers Web”, they said.

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