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Censor Board suffers as number of Films submitted for classification drops

An Assistant Finance Director of the National Film and Videos Censors Board, Mr. Bayode Agbi, on Wednesday said that fewer movies are being produced in Nigeria now. He said the number of films presented to the board for censorship has dwindled by about 1000.

He said, "The board used to classify about 2,500 films, but in recent years, this has dropped to 1,500 on the average.  In 2015, it was about 1,200. From research, however, there are several movies not brought for classification."

The fall in the number of films being produced may not be affecting the practitioners alone. The reason is that such reduction in volume would mean a reduction in the revenue that the NFVCB also earns from the producers. The board charges about N25,000 per film for classification. 

"If you take the average of 1500 films a year and multiply it by average censorship of N25, 200, you will arrive at the amount the board generates from censorship each year."

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