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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Zuriel Oduwole builds A Powerful Coalition of Female World Leaders

Following her debut in the United Nations last month, where she made her mark among several world leaders on the issue of climate change and its effect on the education of children, Zuriel Oduwole has slowly begun to build a powerful coalition of female world leaders.

She has just met with her 23rd world leader - the President of Malta - Her Excellency Mary Louise Preca. They discuss a whole range of issues, opportunities, and values in developing a strong education advocacy framework for Girls across the globe. Zuriels schedules over the next few weeks would include a meeting with another female European world leader, as she expands her network of female Presidents - one that hopefully in the near future, would include a possible President Hillary Clinton of the United States.

In the past 18 months, she met with the President of Malawi - H.E. Joyce Banda, the Prime Minister of Jamaica - H.E. Portia Miller, and the current President of Liberia - H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, all of whom she manages to schedule a close touch with. Zuriel has also presented her annual DUSUSU Awards since 2014 to African First Ladies in recognition of their work in the areas of Girls Education and Gender Development. Recipients so far including the First Ladies of Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia.

It is because of these and other reasons that this young teen at just 14 years old, is being referred to as perhaps - the Worlds Most Powerful Girl.

- By Ikeh Jacobs 

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