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You can Call Me Daddy Chidera – Seyilaw shares new photos of his adorable Daughter

Comedian Seyilaw has shared new photos of his new born daughter and first child after 5 years of marriage. Apparently, the entertainer is still grateful that the joy of parenthood can still come his after years of ‘midnight cries’, according to him. Continue to read his message…

When I think of the gift the Lord has placed in my hands, 

The Joy that has continually flown in my heart
Thoughts of the journey we will go together, 

The imaginations my head can't phantom, 

And the victories we have gotten, 

I count it all as undeserved blessings. 

He picked me from the lowness of the Busstop, 

He lifted me off the industry of insults, 

He raised me above the wills of those that tried to raise others above me, 

He brought me light when darkness around me prevailed, 

And He gave me testimonies that hurt their soul. 

He changed my story, wiped my midnight tears and gave me TIWALOLUWA OLUWADEMILADEOLA CHIDERA AVIELLA, a Princess of many nations to rule. 
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