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Woman dies after jumping out from moving Car to escape Abusive Husband

A woman, Brianne King has died after she jumped from a moving car to escape her 'abusive' husband, according to her friends. 

Police said Brianne was the passenger in the vehicle while her husband, Michael Muller, drove the vehicle on Tuesday morning, according to KFOR

Authorities believe the mother-of-five opened her door and flung herself out of the moving vehicle. 

King died after sustaining an injury to the head, according to a GoFundMe account that was set up by friends.  

King's friends, who are seeking justice in her tragic death, have said that Muller abused her for several years. 

The 33-year-old's best friend, Samantha Searle, told the station that King 'had a big heart', adding that her friends 'were her family'.

Searle had a message to Muller, who has been arrested in the past for abuse.

She said: 'Whether she jumped from the car or you pushed her, she's dead, because of you.'

Searle told KFOR that Muller 'tore her down from the strong-willed person I knew' and 'made her believe that she was a horrible person'.

King was abused for many years and sometimes even in front of their children, according to Searle. 

'These babies talk about how their daddy hurt their mommy, like it's a normal part of life that's supposed to happen,' Searle told the station.

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