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Sunday, 2 October 2016

University of Alaba student dies in Dormitory

The body of student of University of Alabama at Birmingham has been  found in a residence hall. Molly Wilson, of Florence, Alabama, a resident assistant in Blount Hall, was found inside the dorm on Friday evening, AL.come ports.

Her cause of death was not immediately known but a university spokesman said foul play is not suspected.

‘We offer our deepest condolences to Molly's family, friends and loved ones,’ the UAB Student Housing and Residential Life department said to its residents in an email.
The school is also offering counseling to students living in Blount Hall.

Blount Hall features apartments with two to four bedrooms each, according to the school’s website.
The hall is available only to students who are sophomores and up.

Friends of Wilson’s paid tribute to the student on Facebook, with some changing the profile pictures of an image of a red heart on a black background in her memory.

Chelsie Ledlow paid tribute to Wilson in a post, calling her a ‘smart, loving person.’

‘It really breaks my heart that someone so good with her whole life ahead of her had to leave so young,’ she wrote.

‘When I was around Molly a few years ago, she was always making people laugh.’

A vigil to remember Wilson is being held at UAB’s campus green at 7pm on Sunday. 

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