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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Tony Okoroji writes: Finally, Donald Trump Implodes

Ordinarily, no one in America will be talking about anything else when the lives of millions of Americans hang in the balance.

Hurricane Matthew is pounding the South East Coast of the US with many in Florida and South Carolina not sure what life would be like in the coming days with the reality of the life threatening storm surge.

While Hurricane Matthew was receiving significant coverage on all networks, from almost nowhere comes the Donald Trump Tsunami and all hell is let loose.

Everyone with some common sense has known for a long while that a man like Donald Trump is junk and has no business near the White House. Unfortunately, the deep hatred of the black man in the White House by American Republicans has got them to a situation where they allowed a terribly flawed human specimen to hijack the GOP and become the champion of their party and what they believe in.

Hatred is a terrible emotion. It makes otherwise intelligent people do unintelligent things. The hatred of Obama has been transferred to his former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton and as a result, an incredibly flawed man is a heartbeat away from the American presidency. 

Many times, the signals were clear that this crazy man would demolish the Grand Old Party but the leadership of the Republican party hid their heads in the sand praying that the Tsunami would blow away without any real damage.

No Tsunami strikes without historic damage. I don’t know how any serious persons could have thought the Donald Trump Tsunami would be different. Now, the chickens have finally coming home to roost.

Earlier in the week, the Associated Press reported that some of the women who participated with Trump in the NBC reality show, the Apprentice, had complained that Trump groped them and regularly made sexually inappropriate remarks to them. The Trump campaign quickly denied the report and tried to turn the narrative against the women.

A few days later comes the report in the Washington Post of the most demeaning, vulgar, lewd and sexually explicit statement that I have heard any man make against women. This is not one of those ‘he said, she said’ reports. There is actually a video tape of Donald Trump shot as he prepared for a TV show, ‘Access Nollywood’ as he openly boasted that he regularly sexually assaults women, even married women and as a ‘star’, he practically does anything he wants with any woman.

The x rated video may have forever changed ethics in journalism. No serious news editor will decide not to carry this wild story about a man who may just be a few weeks away from the most important office in the world but how do you carry such a story without using the ordinarily unprintable words used by Mr Trump?

There is an incredible uproar in the United States about this mad development. A US House of Representatives member, Mr Jason Chaffetz who had been a major supporter of Trump was forced to go public and say ‘I am out!’ Speaker Paul Ryan does not want to be seen on the same stage with Donald Trump. Other key Republican leaders are quickly distancing themselves from the real estate man. Are they finally awake from their slumber? Suddenly, every man has to answer for himself. Hurricane Matthew is no longer top of the news. Donald Trump and his lewd language is now the news. For the first time in his political career, Donald Trump is forced to tender a public ‘apology’.

Not long ago, Donald Trump boasted that he could shoot a person on New York’s Fifth Avenue without losing the backing of any of his supporters. In a few weeks, we will know whether Donald J. Trump is immortal.
See you next week.

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