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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Tito Da.fire’s 3 years Marriage Crashes, Wife Relocates Child Abroad

The subtly publicized marriage of the On-Air-Personality (OAP), Tito Da.fire, who manages brands under G2M Creatives has crumbled irreconcilably and the wife has relocated abroad with the only child of the union, Ebuka. They walked down the aisle on November 2, 2013. In an exclusive telephone conversation with the multi-talented CEO of Grinding Records, Tito Da.fire took Julia Blaise Blog (JBB) through the journey of the recent development concerning his career and marriage.

According to him, marriage which ought to have a happy –ever after tale was filled with loads of issues. The now estranged couple obviously never understudied themselves before saying ‘I Do’. Hear him, “Initially I thought she was disposed to entertainment, however overtime I realized she was not, it is one of the major lessons I learnt from my failed marriage. For example I remember that I  would record songs at home and she would not make a comment, till I told her hey, I'm going to stop doing this because it seems you don't like me doing this...And she said oh no, not that, and after then she would say, that song you were working on, the one that has Haruna Ishola's voice ( because I was working on a remake of his classics), it’s nice, but I packed it all up and won't talk about it after then because I felt she wasn't cool with me singing. Sadly, we separated about a year and a month after our marriage.”

He also said about his son, "I miss my son a great deal and would love to play the role of an active –on-hand father to my son Ebuka, watch him play and grow."

Meanwhile, after the collapse of his marriage, Tito Da.fire dusted his lyrics diary; hit the studio to record a song, Imagination where he featured the late music icon, OJB Jezreel. Now, Tito Da.fire has shot the music video of the song as directed by Matt Max and it’s indeed one of the best things to come out of the entertainment scene this year. 

The reason for his choice of Matt Max as director is not far-fetched, as he has this to say, “Imagination was one of two songs I recorded with my long-term friend and brother, the late Ojb Jezebel, and losing him just before releasing the audio was painful, and I wanted a director who could bring the energy alive. I spoke with a couple of directors and Matt Max's treatment deeply connected with the soul of Imagination. Once I explained those thoughts and ideas, he was totally in sync with it as he was able to see the broader picture, and the rest is now history as the video for Imagination will drop in November signaling the flagging off of a series of events to culminate in the actual release.”

The accountant turned workaholic all round entertainment artiste would love to imbibe the practice of having a deserved rest after putting in long hours of work into his hobby cum work and want nothing more than to leave a lasting legacy for generations coming after him in terms with his passion of making an impact on the entertainment scene.

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