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Friday, 7 October 2016

Sunlight Laraba’s World Train brings burst of Freshness to Consumer in Abuja

Sunlight’s Laraba’s World train has been visiting malls across Abuja to meet with loyal consumers. The drama series which started airing on TV screens across northern Nigeria from September 15, 2016, show cases the daily lives of northern women in an engaging and entertaining way.

The Hausa language (with English subtitles) soap opera, revolves around the lead character, Laraba (a school teacher) who is wise, resourceful and versatile; a real “Sunlight woman”.

In each episode, Laraba highlights how a Sunlight woman grows her home, business and community by handling common daily issues with wisdom and resourcefulness. (To watch the drama series on YouTube, EPISODE ONE IS ON  https://youtu.be/GZ5-R8b3rpI  ) , EPISODE TWO ON  https://youtu.be/1JJVGB-mAdA , and  EPISODE THREE ON  https://youtu.be/iTZbYLI3fT0
You can also watch the show every week on the following stations:

At the Silverbird Mall Abuja last weekend, consumers had so much fun as they engaged in activities to win various prizes. They also had the opportunity to meet with Nafisat Abdulhamid (Hajia Hadiza in the drama series).

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