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Monday, 3 October 2016

Popular Anglican Priest celebrates Independence in front of refuse dump in Imo

A popular Priest of the Anglican Diocese of Owerri, Rev. Canon Uche Chinamerem went to Douglas Road, Owerri, Imo state on Independence posed in front of a heap of refuse dump to celebrate the 56th anniversary of Nigeria. He caused a stir as he took several photographs and was seen sipping wine with a man.

The cleric, who is also the Chaplain of the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, of the state university, set the social media agog on Sunday as he posted the photos. According to Chinamerem, he took the shots to protest the dirty lifestyle of people of the state and government’s negligence of its role. He captioned the photos: "I went to celebrate in front of the refuse dump because what is there is shameful. (very shameful!)

"Why can’t we clear the refuse and tell the government that if it cannot be responsible, we are responsible citizens? So, this is not just about spiting the government, but telling our people to wake up and do the right thing when the government has failed.

"Let’s accept that the government refused to clear the refuse, how can a normal human being go to the market every day, trade within that dirty environment and think nothing about the refuse? Don’t we have market women association, community groups or vigilantes in the area?

"Obviously, they are waiting for the government to clear the refuse. In Igbo parlance, we say a rejected man does not reject himself. Why have we decided to reject ourselves?" he quizzed.

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