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Police investigating Kim Kardashian’s robber case doesn’t know her & searches the internet for her name

It might seem hard to believe that Reality TV star, famous wife of rapper, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is not popular to everyone, but it’s true as the Paris police chief, Christian Sainte, investigating the £8.5 million robbery has not heard of her ever before and had to goggle and search for her name on the internet.

Mr Sainte told Vanity Fair that the night officer in Paris informed him that a woman called Kim Kardashian had been the victim of an armed robbery in the city.

He told the magazine: 'I asked my number two "Who is this victim?"'

The night manager was also unaware of who she was and after the phone call, Mr Sainte searched her name and 'quickly understood who she was'.

He added: 'And now I know almost everything about her. The personality of the victim, Kim Kardashian, is not like anyone else. She has a lot of likes on Facebook.'

Mr Sainte added that Kardashian is 'giving information on social media all the time' about where she is but added he is confident of catching the robbers.

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