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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mob attacks 14-yr-old boy for stealing Penises of 36 Men in Bayelsa

An angry mob has attacked a 14-year-old boy, identified as Iduma Obodo in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State for allegedly disappearance of the manhood of a 36 men in Otuah Community in Ijaw area of the state.

The teenage indigene of Oweikorogha Community  in Ijaw area, was apprehended by angry residents and inflicted with serious machete injuries including a near severed palm.

It was alleged that the boy confessed to the crime that he was responsible for the alleged disappearances.

An Indigene of Otuan, identified as Thelma, told Leadership that the apprehended boy confessed to the crime, "After some beating, he explained that the genitals were no longer in his possession; as he alleged that they were with one old man whom he claimed sent him – after swinging a white handkerchief to make the deed possible."

One of the victim, whose manhood was taken away Ebekemie Samson, claimed it took the intervention of a man of God through prayers and deliverance before his manhood was resuscitated.

The matter, according to Otuan Indigenes, has been reported to the police.

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