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Kim Kardashian’s friend, Allison Statter shares throwback photos of Kim at 16

Kim Karrdashian West’s longtime girlfriend, Allison Statter has shared photos from Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s sweet 16, in honour of her upcoming 36th birthday. Statter took to Kim’s app on Thursday to share the ultimate throwback photos from 20 years ago that showed the mother of two’s 16th birthday, tagged, ‘From Allison: Kim’s Sweet 16!’

"Hey guys, It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, Kim and I were turning 16 and learning how to drive. I remember Kim’s Sweet 16 so well. Aunt Kris and Uncle Robert hosted a really nice lunch for Kim with all of her friends and family at a popular Italian restaurant called Cicada. We would all do our Sweet 16s at Cicada! How cool that Kim is wearing a vintage slip dress, LOL! Kim was always a tad bit younger than us, with her birthday being in October, so we were all ready for her to turn 16 so we didn’t have to drive her everywhere anymore!"

"Kim didn’t think she was getting a car because her dad had convinced her she didn’t need her own car at 16, so when Kim walked outside after lunch to her new white BMW in the parking lot, she was SO surprised!!!" Statter continued in the post.

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