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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Kilo One Live on Lagos Traffic Radio

The most expected  tour held recently on Lagos Traffic Radio on Friday  October 14, 2016, where Kilo One talked about about his music OUR LOVE, Love is about us, Love is about relationship, meet him live at the VOGUE CLUB this Friday, where he will perform what Love is real about Kilo One, has continued to soar with ‘Our Love’, his new single produce by 2Jo.

Kilo One said the song can help to relax the frayed nerves of Nigerians, particularly as the country currently faces diverse socio-economic challenges.

“Our love’ is a beautiful song with Highlife turns, containing words of inspiration, motivation, love that will encourage the country and individual to be better people.

“My dream is to inspire the world through my song, therefore I decided to do a song that contains inspirations and motivational words to help the people grow from headship, poverty and molestation.

“I realise Nigeria are happy people, and love dancing, with ‘Our Love’ you can’t stop dancing, I am making that also my selling point,” the award winning artiste said.

The tour will also visit stations like.

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