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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Holding Urine can cause Kidney Damage – Medical Practitioner

A medical practitioner, Okoye Chukwuka, has warned against holding back urine in the bladder, saying the habit can cause kidney damage. The doctor, who works in Sabo-Oke Medical Centre, Ilorin, said holding back urine for long could result in bladder infection or lead to bladder rupture, a serious health condition.

"Pass out urine as much as possible without any delay. Don’t be too busy to have time for urine. Delay of urine may later have lasting negative effect on the kidney.

"I attend to frequent cases of urinary tract infection. The disease has become common in the country and I want to urge the public to desist from the unhealthy act. People should be visiting the nearest toilet to ease themselves at the right time," Chukwuka said.

He listed the symptoms of kidney infections as headache, high fever, frequent urination and passing out of small amount of urine.

"A little delay of urine can cause severe and everlasting health challenges. Ministries of Health should orientate the public on this," he said.

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