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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hairstylist pepper sprays Customer’s Face after she complains about her hairdo

A hairstylist, Maryam Simpson has tortured a customer, Jessica Mahecha with pepper spray, which she sprayed on her face for being unhappy with the services provided for her in New Jersey.

The victim told Bloomfield police she found the stylist, Maryam Simpson, on a Craigslist advertisement where she went by the name 'Freddy', WCBS reported. 

Simpson was working in the client's apartment on October 13 when the two women began arguing about the services provided and how Mahecha was not happy with her hair.  

'I didn't want to dye my hair,' Mahecha told the TV station. 'So I had requested that she do an extension so I didn't have to touch any of my personal hair.' 

Mahecha claims Simpson then assaulted her before pepper spraying her in the face. 

'I had the police on the phone when she attacked me with pepper spray,' Mahecha said.

Simpson fled the apartment before police could arrive, but she was tracked down and arrested on Monday in Bloomfield.  

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