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Friday, 14 October 2016

Gay Couple jailed after their romance photo appeared on Facebook

A gay couple have been arrested in Indonesia and are facing prosecution after a photo of them kissing in bed appeared on Facebook. The 22-year-old university student and his boyfriend, an office worker, aged 24, were arrested on Tuesday on the island of Sulawesi after other Facebook users complained to the police about the picture.

Police in the city of Manado said they could be prosecuted under the country's laws against obscenity and pornography. 

A police spokesman, Marzaki, said: 'The couple admitted it's them in the picture and they posted the picture to prove their love.'

While homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia there has been a growing backlash against gay people recently in the country, which has the world's largest Muslim population. 

The couple, whose identities have not been disclosed, have been released on bail but they could be jailed if found guilty.

Local media said the image had been posted on October 9 but was removed by Facebook after a request from Indonesia's communications and information technology ministry.

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