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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Eldee D Don hits hard on Amber Rose over her 'Slut Walk'

Singer Eldee D Don has tongue lashed American stripper, Amber Rose over her ‘Slut Walk’, which took place yesterday. Clearly upset, he lamented that young black girls are being encouraged to be sluts, hoes and sex workers. Continue reading…

"#AmberRoseSlutWalk?? What are we doing to our children on this planet? Making hoes role models for young black girls is now hip?? Young black girls now being further encouraged to aspire to be sluts/hoes/sex workers. $8m to be a hoe evangelist? Wake up people!!!

TV shows survive on ratings. Stop supporting the platforms that are put in place to destroy your children's futures by watching these shows.

There's NOTHING positive about using a professional hoe to teach children anything but how not to be a hoe. Slutwalk?? Who r they fooling??

I have young daughters & the constant promotion of these hoes as black role models is a direct propagandist threat to their future. Is there nothing positive going on with black women?? Where are the Silicon Valley success stories? Doctors? Real estate moguls? WhyHoes???

Something is wrong with a world where Amber Rose gets paid millions to promote anything positive ahead of Simone, Serena, Lupita, Alicia... Can you name 10 successful black women as quickly as you can 10 successful black hoes?,..now imagine who your kids' female role models are.

Yes I'm upset. I'm upset as hell because I have daughters. I'm upset because there is a deliberate effort by media to poison their minds. I have no personal problems with Amber Rose & Im not judging her lifestyle choices, just stop making them "OK" options for little girls.

Not a single show on TV teaching young girls to do better. They all start with the Barbies & graduate to Kardashianism. #WeMustDoBetter," he tweeted. 

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