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Doctors find teeth, hair, brain matter around Fallopian tubes of Woman who suffered pain from childhood

A woman believes she might have 'eaten her twin in the womb' after a peach sized growth containing hair, teeth, brain matter, spinal fluid and human skin tissue was discovered wrapped around her fallopian tubes.

Natashjja Heming, from Sydney, began feeling an intense, sharp pain in her abdomen at the age of 13 but said she chalked it up to heavy menstrual cramping, according to Mamamia.com.au.

Almost 10 years later, at the age of 22, she was told that the cause was not her 'lady pain' but in fact a dermoid - a cyst is a sac-like growth that can grow over long periods of time.

'I joke that I ate my twin in the womb, which is not a scientifically proven thing, but it has been mentioned,' she said.  

Ms Heming said she began seeing doctors for the strange 'pulling' pain on her left side when she was 14 but physicians were unable to determine what was causing her pain.

She said the pain steadily grew throughout high school but continued with the grin and bear it approach.

As she reached adulthood, Ms Heming told Mamamia the pain was so severe she had begun to black out and decided to visit a new doctor a friend had recommended.

It was during an ultrasound that a technician found the large cyst, which form when skin is trapped during fetal development.

Ms Heming said she finally felt validated and was relieved that she was 'not crazy.'

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