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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Actor Tunde Alabi is critically ill, needs financial help

Veteran actor, Tunde Alabi one of the actors in the defunct 'Village Headmaster' series is lying critically ill at the Lagos General hospital, and needs financial help to prevent one of his legs from being amputated.

The actor, who now wears a badge on his left leg and might be evicted from the hospital over lack of money to sustain his stay in the hospital, became worst after one of his exploded and he was thereafter diagnosed as suffering from diabetes. He said he was healthy until the night of 19th of July, when he had a strange expulsion on his right leg.

"I went to bed at about 8. 30 pm that fateful day with the intention of waking up at 1 am. When it was about 9 pm, I had a strange expulsion on my right leg. Immediately, the leg started burning and I screamed throughout the night. The following morning I couldn’t move the leg again. It was a spiritual attack. That’s what has kept me under this condition," he narrated.

"For years, I never knew I was a diabetic patient,’ he said. On the amputation of his leg, the actor explained that the hospital management has not concluded on whether his leg would be amputated or not. Alabi, however, thanked some of his colleagues who have been supporting him financially. He also called on well-meaning Nigerians to come to his rescue, saying Ï don’t want to die."

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