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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

17-yr-old boy passes urine on himself while being interrogated by police

A 17-year-old JSS 3 student, Olayinka Moses, who uses iron weapon to dispossess people of their valuables passed urine on himself, when he was paraded for the criminal act. The teenager, who was paraded at the Lagos State Police Command, urinated on himself while narrating how he was arrested.

Moses, who allegedly brandishes an iron rod as gun, was reportedly taken to the station by some guests at a social function, who alleged that he attempted to rob them.

"I was arrested by some policemen because I was with an iron that looked like a saw and a metal gun at the same time. They insisted that I was using it to threaten and rob innocent people. But it is only a gear iron. I did not rob with it. I wanted to sell it to those men who buy condemned iron metals for N50 and use the money to buy food.

"I was returning from a friend’s birthday party at Okeagboro, in the company of my friends when I saw the iron on the ground. When I picked the iron, I looked for a polythene bag with which to wrap it.

 "When I got to Shibiri (Ojo area), a party was ongoing and I stopped to see if I could get food to eat because I do not have anybody feeding me. I am on my own. My mother is somewhere in Ibadan trading and I do not know where my father is.

"When the guests at the wedding saw me, they became suspicious and held me. Thereafter, they took me to the police station despite my explanation that I was not a thief," he said.

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