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Photos: Woman faints after overdose of drugs & daughter tries to wake her

An unresponsive woman, Mandy McGowen was caught on camera on the ground suffering from an overdose in a store. In the scary footage, the woman's 2-year-old daughter tried to pull her mother's arm and wailed.

Lawrence Police Chief James Fitzpatrick told Fox 25: 'It's very disturbing to see someone obviously in the matter of addiction where it overtakes someone where they're not able to take care of their child, leaves their child vulnerable.'

According to the TV station, the mother may have overdosed on either oral heroin or a narcotic like fentanyl.

She needed two Narcan doses so she could be revived and her bag was revealed to contain straws and baggies with drug residue, the report said.

She's going to be charged with child endangerment and her daughter's in custody with the Department of Children and Families, according to Fox 25.

A police report, the newspaper reported, says McGowen said she didn't overdose and had fallen asleep.

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