Monday, 5 September 2016

Unfaithful man fights Wife & Mistress as they visit him in Hospital (Photos)

An ailing man witnessed his worst day on the hospital bed, when his wife and his mistress met as they came to see him in hospital. The two women got locked up in a serious fight and rolled to the floor, while the sick man tried to separate them.

The group eventually makes their way to standing, but despite the husband's efforts to get one woman to let go of the other's hair, she refused.

Eventually the pair was separated. Meanwhile a man assumed to be the husband, wearing what appeared to be a hospital gown and shorts, tried to de-escalate the situation.


  1. Serves him right there.

  2. This is where women make mistakes, why fighting each other, instead of teaming up to beat the hell out of him.

  3. He'll blame the sickness

  4. He has brought disgrace to his family...

  5. One thing with cheating is that one day you'll be caught.