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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Special Athletes Shut Down Kwara Stadium Gate in to Unpaid Allowances

Special athletes on Wednesday shut down Kwara State Stadium gate in Ilorin over their unpaid N8, 000 stipends monthly allowances. The athletes are requesting payment of their backlog stipends allowances, including their 50 percent balance of the 2012 National Sports Festival cash award promised by the Kwara State Government.

The athletes in their protest also accused the state commissioner for Sports, Kale Ayo for working against the success of disabled athletes in the state.

“Stop cheating us Pharmacy Kale Ayo. You know nothing on sports development, Go back to chemist. Stop cheating us, and pay up our 15 months’ salary and two months stipends (allowance), the disabled work for it.

“You have to stop cheating the disabled, pay us our pending 50 % balance of 2012 National sports Festival cash award, we work for it. Discrimination against disabled sports on employment and wheel chair sport equipment must stop in the state,” the athletes told SR Sports can authoritatively report

The angry special athletes promised to continue their protest until the Kwara State Government intervene by paying them their backlog salaries and allowances, including other outstanding payment.

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