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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Pregnant mother jailed for using heroin

A 21-year-old mother, Alexandra Nicole Laird, who has previously been indicted after her daughter was born addicted to heroin has been jailed on new child endangerment charges until her second baby is born.

Police asked the judge to step in and deny bond because they are worried about the danger Laird could cause to her unborn child, according to

'I'm doing my damndest to try to prevent any further damage to this child, since it's obvious the mother doesn't seem to care,' Pleasant Grove police Lt. Danny Reid told the newspaper.

She was sent to jail on September 8, having failed a court-ordered drug test after missing a hearing in late August. Once she tested positive, Laird admitted to using heroin, 'three times a day', according to

On the day of her court appearance, she posted on social media asking for 'a lift to court', and for people to 'pray super hard' for her.

Lt. Reid argued before Jefferson County Circuit Judge David Hobdy on Wednesday that the life of Laird's unborn child was at danger if she continued to abuse drugs.

Judge Hobdy ruled in favor or Reid's request for no bond to be granted.

'This is a sad case, no matter how you look at it, as the mother's heroin addiction is more compelling to her than the health and welfare of this unborn child,' Reid said.

'But make no mistake, sad or not, law enforcement will hold this mother accountable and vigorously defend and protect the well being of the child, who is innocent of all of this and simply struggling for life.'


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