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Friday, 16 September 2016

Musician Bez Idakula recounts ugly encounter with Police who wanted Bribe from him

Musician, Bez Idakula in a series of tweets this evening recounted the ugly experience he had with policemen, who he encountered at Okota area of Lagos State today. The guitarist, who was with his wife, Tito Idakula and child said the officers wanted bribe from by all means and alleged that he had fake insurance document just to extort money from him. He revealed that they forced him to write a statement to accept a crime he didn’t commit. Continue reading…

"Police showed me shege in Okota today, of all the documents in my life...they said I faked insurance...INSURANCE!! I said I didn't have cash on me... The guy just me out of the car and pushed me under the rain into the station.

"He said to his wicked partners in yoruba..majeko lagun.. Which means I will make them sweat (my wife quickly translated). Meanwhile they saw baby in the car oh.. Dem no send.. One woman in mufty was shouting on me and saying they will embarrass me here!!

"They had guns so I just chilled.. They now brought out paper and told me to write a statement that I was in possession of a fake document.  The paper was labelled Witness/Accused. I asked if they we're arresting me.. They sais not yet. Am I a witness? No.. Accused? No...

"I said based on the fact that I am none of the above.. I can't write any statement, also it says the person has to write willingly.. and no one is under any obligation to say anything. He now asked me if he put a gun to my head, I said no.. He now said oya start writing.

"I said Oga.. I am following what this paper says.. I am not writing anything... Meanwhile wife and baby still in car...making calls lol.

"Finally a friend came to check up on my wife and baby...he suggested giving the police something... My wife said lai lai!! Someone after verifying my documents called the police guys and told them to let me go..see vexing!!

"'Musician' no wan drop Abi? They forced me again to write statement... I refused... That police!! They aha let me go.  My wife had even called the insurance people, verified the docs, went online.. The records were there...

"All this happened simply because they could. They had guns, I didn't... I still don' God bless Nigeria." he narrated. 

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