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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Innoson Motors apologises to customer who is having problems with their SUV

The management of Innoson Motors has apologised to a customer, who took to Twitter to announce that his Innoson's SUV, which he acquired two years ago has been giving him series of problems. According to the customer, who identified himself as Dr Joe Abah, the vehicle has gone through overheating and now gearbox problem.

"Sadly, after 2 & half years, the @innosonmotors jeep has started giving wahala. Overheating last week. Now gearbox.

"Good day @DrJoeAbah, we are indeed sorry abt the probs ure facing wt d SUV, Pls do contact us thru the right channel.. We resolve Customer complaints thru 08030889955. Speak to our rep or send ur complaints 2 sales@innosonmotors.com," They replied.

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