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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Actresses, Oma Nnadi & Mary Njoku in throwback Pthoto

Actress, Oma Nnadi has posted a throwback photo she shared with actress, Mary Remy-Njoku to congratulate her for the launching of her Online TV Channel, SKYTV, ROKONSKY. She recalled how they started struggling in movie industry years ago. Continue to reading…

"Look at us back then I remember almost everything we were just two girls doing our thing. We had so much in common I have always admired your courage and how easy you go about things.

"Your words then is usually ihuoma na small small jareee now that small small has finally elaborated to big you  paddimi now has got a whole channel to herself on SKYTV ROKONSKY, and even many more on the way who knew today would come you sure know cos you’ve always been focused positive in more than a decade. I've been your friend I can say one thing she doesn't stop believing she takes things gradual even with my (T) she still got my back congrats my darling the best best is still on its way to join the better," she said.

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