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Friday, 30 September 2016

Actress, Ufoma McDermott urges Colleagues to Promote their movies

Nollywood actress, Ufoma McDermott has encouraged her fellow actors to promote the movies they worked in. According to her, actors have every reason to promote their jobs as the ratings of their rise and fall are based on how their films sold.

"Fellow actors, it is your DUTY to promote any project you feature in. You know why? Cos its success is your success just as it's failure is yours too. Your ratings rise and fall not based on how "sweet" a film is but based on how well it sold. This is known as "Bankability".

"Get behind the box office. And yes, your social media should be used. The producer already took a risk so quit thinking of how much he'll make from proceeds.(it's not like you'll "help" him if he records a loss) Concern yourself with maintaining your bankable status. PROMOTE YOUR WORK. Yes! It is yours. Like @chrisihidero will say, Credit is our payment. Your name is on it; Push it. Pls follow @kevinhart4real and@therock. You just might understand how much the game is changing #Repost  @tomesadeoye with@repostapp

"Stumbled on this picture of@morrischestnutofficial and@morereginahall at the box office promoting their latest movie#whentheboughbreaks. The movie is currently in the top 10 box office... promoting your work is extremely important and trust me, it pays! Bravo," she said. 

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