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Friday, 30 September 2016

7 Tips to keep your Child Safe on Roads - FRSC

Besides teaching about road safety rules for kids, parents should also keep in mind the following tips to ensure that their children stay safe on the road…

1. Buckle up! – Ensure that your child always wears the seat belt, or is secured in a car seat.

2. Use the child lock feature to prevent your kids from opening car doors by themselves.

3. Teach them about the rules practically – take them for walks and cycling, and teach them how to do it right.

4. Exhibit patience when driving – set an example for your kids to be calm and not rush on the road.

5. Be punctual and disciplined to avoid speeding and rash driving.

6. Do not use mobile phones or other gadgets when driving.

7. Never leave your kids alone in the car.

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