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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Yvonne Jegede shares beach photos to celebrate 33rd birthday

Actress, Yvonne Jegede is celebrating her 33rd birthday with beach photos, which she shared on her Instagram page. In one of the photos, Ms. Jegede wrote, "I am glad to say my 33years on earth has been from grace to another bigger grace. I wake up to blessings, I breath love, I live a life of Grace, my going out and coming in have always been favored. I have people love me for no damn reason, even in my imperfections. I've grown in my mind, I'm living like a queen, I don't think I'm anything close to perfect but I have the perfect people love me perfectly. Ps: if you see me PLAYING like a child, know that my age doesn't dwell in my heart.  #25thAugust1983 happy birthday to me in advance..." Continue to see more photos...

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