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Woman narrates how she escaped death after falling into Sewage Pit

A woman, with Facebook name, Christina Adegbaju has narrated how she escaped death after falling into an abandoned sewage system. Read below…

"Saved from the pit of hell:

I saw my life flashed in front of me for 5 minutes and I thought, so this is how it feels to be helpless and confused. One minute , I was standing on solid ground, the next minute I was on air, as the concrete caved way beneath my feet.  For 5 minutes, I shouted and screamed for help,no one heard my cry and the ground was still sinking , I had to claw my way out before the whole structure could collapse. I had been standing on an abandoned Soakaway pit.

"Thank God there were no rains , Bless God he is still faithful, when it seems no one heard. Only he could have done this. He is still a miracle working God. Yahweh," she said. 

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