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Woman beats 90-yr-old husband, police that came for her arrest

A 72-year-old businesswoman in Michigan, Darlene Deciatis-Stolaruk has been arrested after police say she beat up her 90-year-old husband and sent a sheriff's deputy to the hospital with a shoulder injury.

She has been charged with assault and battery, assault on a police officer and damage to property in connection to the altercation that took place Friday afternoon in Rochester Hills.

Officers responded to Stolaruk's a call about an assault in progress, and allegedly walked in on the septuagenarian beating up her 90-year-old husband, Steve Stolaruk.

When a deputy informed Mrs Stolaruk that she was under arrest and made an attempt to put her in handcuffs, the woman allegedly turned violent and put up a fight, reported Fox 2 Detroit.

In the scuffle that ensued, Stolaruk and the deputy lost their footing and fell to the ground, with the woman landing on the cop's shoulder. The deputy went to the hospital complaining of pain and numbness in his left shoulder.

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