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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Tyga to pay $186k to another Landlord for inability to maintain property

Few weeks after settling a high-cost legal dispute with his ex-landlord, Tyga has been hit with another whooping bill from one of his property owners. 

F&S Investment Properties brought legal action against the 26-year-old back in March, accusing him of damaging the Los Angeles home he had rented to run his side business, Egypt Last Kings Clothing. The complaint alleged breach of lease, breach of guaranties and waste.

According to legal documents obtained by PEOPLE, Tyga and Co. quit paying rent and "abandoned the premises without notice" back in June 2015. When F&S reps visited the house, they found it "in gross disrepair, utility bills unpaid, and hazardous environmental waste that required a professional clean-up."

A judgment filed on Aug. 18 ruled in favor of the plaintiff. Tyga's organization has been ordered to pay $186,275.89 in damages.