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#SaveMayowa: Mayowa hasn’t traveled for treatment after N122m was allegedly raised

Mayowa is allegedly still in Nigeria despite the whopping sum that was raised during the campaign to donate funds for her treatment. According to the information, after a week after N85 million, $100, 000, totaling N122, 000, 000, Mayowa has not traveled for treatment.

"#SaveMayowa Over a week after 85 million Naira was allegedly raised in a Nigerian bank, and $100,000 US dollars in a go fund me account, bringing the alleged total money raised to nearly =N=122,000,000 it is alleged that Mayowa still hasn't left Nigeria and my question is why?

"If it's a visa issue, let us know, so we can all put our heads together to make sure she gets a visa.
If they can't find an airline to airlift her, we need to know so we can find an air ambulance or appeal to good meaning members of the society, especially pastors who own private jets, to fly her to wherever she needs to be flown for treatment. 

"It would be most painful, if after all the effort, she still doesn't get the treatment she deserves.
Let's not give up on Mayowa, she still needs us!" sources said. 

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