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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Real Reasons actress Chioma Okoye was attacked

Fresh facts have emerged on why Nollywood actress, producer, Chioma Okoye was attacked on Saturday at her residence in Lagos State. According to the information gathered by Julia Blaise Blog (JBB), Ms. Okoye got into trouble after posting her new drama series, ‘Lagos Men’ on her online TV, Nollyvidz.TV.

The drama series, we gathered triggered a severe misunderstanding in the home of Mr. Ezeh and Oge Okazi, who real life story is portrayed in the series. The fight resulted to domestic violence after Mr. Ezeh saw the series on the online platform, and threw his wife (Oge Okazi) out of the house.

Subsequently, filled with anger and rage, Okazi mobilized her friends and stormed Chioma’s residence, where they not only fought her but also stabbed her with sharp objects. Our source disclosed that Okazi, who in 2014 authorised Ms. Okoye to produce a movie with her story, never imagined she will directly use the real names of her husband and daughter in the movie.

In 2014, Mrs. Oge Okazi, who had daughter, Ifeoma (Ify) before getting married to her husband, Mr. Ezeh, walked up to Ms. Okoye and narrated how her husband was not only molesting Ifeoma, but also has gotten her pregnant. She reportedly said she had gotten tired of fighting her husband physically over the unholy act, but needed movie out of the story.

However, things took an ugly dimension when the drama series, ‘Lagos Men’ was released online with the real names of the individuals involved in real life, which led to a domestic war in Mrs. Oge Okazi and Mr. Ezeh’s home.

Okazi, who is now allegedly homeless has closed down her Facebook and Instagram pages, after yanking off all her photos to avoid any contact with the media.

Meanwhile, Ms. Okoye disclosed to JBB that aside running away from her home, she has spoken with her lawyer to file legal papers against Mrs. Okazi soon.

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