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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Photo: Soldiers pluck out FRSC official’s Eye for trying to Save Torture Victim

Soldiers in Lagos allegedly plucked out the eyes of a Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) official for saving a torture victim from their hands. The official, Segun Enikuemehin, had gotten in-between some soldiers who were assaulting a civilian and asked them to stop what they were doing.

Segun saw some military officers beating a harmless civilian. Worried that the officers could kill the man with the beating they were giving him, he approached the soldiers and pleaded that they stop beating the man and take him to the nearest police station if he had done something illegal.

The Soldiers in a fit of rage then descended on the poor FRSC official and beat him too. Despite this, Segun heroically saved the man they were beating and took him to the Adekunle Police station at Ebute Metta.

He then returned with some Policemen to the scene of the incident, when they saw him in the company of the policemen, the soldiers, who were by that time already at a nearby beer parlor, became angrier still and descended on him during which plucked out his eye and threw it on the ground.

Segun’s damaged eye was picked from the ground and after being initially rejected by the General Hospital, Segun was taken to LUTH where he currently is.

The soldiers tried to flee but were overtaken and arrested.

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