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Friday, 12 August 2016

P-Square inspired me to do Music – Bonkwe

Bonkwe of Kashmire Records began music as a little boy singing in his church choir; he developed interest in music, and has been in it since then. Because he loves singing, he'd always try to compose songs for his choirmaster, and that was how he fell in love with music.

He later decided to make it professional when he realized his passion for music was magnanimous. Also, his Boss LA. Kashmire, C.E.O of Kashmire Records, was another reason he decided to go pro, because of how much he believed in him and encouraged him to believe in himself.

Bonkwe composes all his songs himself which fall in the category of Afro Pop. He gets inspirations from his everyday life. He believes his music is a reflection of his life: what he sees every day, his past, and his future, so when composing a song, all he needs do is thinks about his message, and that’s it.

"NA You I Go Marry" is his official first single amongst many of his unreleased recorded songs. He's currently working on a secret follow-up single with an A-listArtist in Nigeria and South Africa, Bonkwe Label Kashmire Records has refuse to disclosed the release date yet.

Bonkwe claims "Na you I go marry" was a song he came up with randomly without inspiration; the melody just came to him one day at his home, so he attempted writing it down, which took 30mins, after which he was introduce to super Sensational producerT SPICE who laced him with a dope Afro popHip life beat for the song. Bonkwe has no collaborations,  yet he promises it will remain this way till he's released at least two singles,  then,  he'll come out with a huge collabo for his beloved fans.He's been inspired by and A HUGE FAN OF P-SQUARE FROM CHILDHOOD; LEARNING THEIR SONGS AND PERFORMING THEM FOR HIS FAMILY MEMBERS,though nothing is known about his family background apart from the fact that his parents were skeptical about his music venture at first because he was still studying in the University;  they felt music would affect his studies negatively, but later changed their perspective when they realized the enthusiasm with which he worked on his music; they accepted  that music was his passion and ceased discouraging him especially because it wasn't affecting his school grades.  They,  rather,  started being supportive; his dad would fund his recording, and after a studio session they would all listen to the song together. 

He's an Insurance graduate of Imo State University,  however, all he's active with now is music—despite the challenges in the industry.  The challenges he experiences include: not getting support from enablers—reason being that he believes they all think they are doing one a favour— and also because everything about music business is expensive: studio sessions, video shoot, quality videos in Nigeria costing millions of naira,  promotions funding, logistics etc.

Bonkwe believes he's got what it takes to make it big in the industry because of how different he believes he is from the norm in the industry of same song sounds,  tune, beats etc. He is currently single,  merely because he wants to remain focused in his music.  Though, he seems to have a long-time crush on talented musician Chidinma who he claims is beautiful and one of the most honest female entertainers we have in the industry today.

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