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Friday, 12 August 2016

Gboyega Ojuolape’s Eddy & Gold advocates for Affordable Homes for Abuja Residents

Some were born lucky. Some, despite whiff of wealth and affluence around them, would still display articulate dispositions of helping those who are deprived of basic necessities of life. Amongst this well groomed category of silver spoon children is the son of the former Chief Judge of Ekiti State and All Progressives Congress, APC stalwart, Justice Edward Ojuolape, Adegboyega, who is saddled with the responsibility of providing enviable and enthralling service in the area of housing to thousands of people in the Federal Capital city at no cut-throat price.

A chance encounter with Gboyega also called by friends and folks as Senator Gboyen, a major stakeholder, during a visit to FCT, Abuja became an eye opener to the money spinning property venture of the active players within the real estate industry.

Gboyega Ojuolape the Chairman of Adegboyega Ojuolape Group of Companies gave a peep into his world and also discussed extensively with us in a rare meeting leading to a peek insight to his thoughts, concern and personal assessment on the industry in the current economic situation in regards to real estate as a major player in the industry, and his views going forward.

As a player in construction retail, concrete fabrication and real estate development sectors of the economy, there is no limit to his vast experience.

The silent achiever who has contributed in no small measure in designing and changing the landscape of Abuja is not just a practical hands-on CEO, he is also a vibrant writer and public speaker not just on the subject of real estate but on variety of issues leaving no doubt to his expertise.

When asked about the high rent rate of properties  in Abuja, he said it’s unimaginable and unheard of that in a system battling with unemployment and job losses on a daily basis ,that an average 4-bedroom bungalow can be as expensive as N3 million per annum. Even a 2-bedroom flat is as high as N2.4 million per month depending on the area in the Abuja metropolis.

He suggested that the way forward was for the FCT administration to take a cue from the Lagos state government by heeding the call of tenants, not only to crash the price of rent, but to also put a stop to the practice of tenants paying 2 years upfront for an accommodation in the first instance. And to also address the subsequent payment of one year renewals but adopt the system of a quarterly or bi-annual renewal of rent.

This he insists will reflect the current economic situation in the life of the hard working residents of Abuja. “They actually need a breather from the shrinking income situation across the nation. We are on a serious national rebirth process and every sector has to adjust to support the drive of the current government to ensure prosperity for all Nigerians,” the handsome realtor said.

Adegboyega Ojuolape further revealed that he's never worked for anyone; he's been an entrepreneur from his university days.
His interests include Eddy & Gold ventures Limited (a one-stop building shop), Turkish Ceramics Nig Ltd (a manufacturer of ceramic wares) and F.O.A.M Engineering services Ltd (a leading building and civil engineering company in northern Nigeria).

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