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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Floyd Mayweather lavishes $2.5m on new Automobile

The boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather is about to add another expensive automobile to his collection as he has ordered a $2.5 million supercar.  The car is called the KODE57.

TMZ Sports told the very first one was put out on display to the public moments ago at an exclusive car show in Pebble Beach and Floyd has already placed his order. 

The website spoke with Floyd's car guy, Obi Okeke from DoctorBugatti.com and Liquidtorque.com, who confirmed the order. 

"This is a car Floyd has been highly interested in and psyched about getting. I have been working on this project for 6 years and Floyd has been my main target in getting this car ... so he is pretty excited in finally seeing it and getting it."

Obi says only five of the cars will be made, "I am the only representative in North and South America to sell this car."

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