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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Explosion rips through wedding reception in Turkey

A car bomb at weekend ripped through a wedding reception in Turkey, forcing wedding guests to scramble for safety.  Panic ensued when the windows of the room they were in shatter. Adults quickly gathered up children and herded them out of the room.

The car bomb was an attack on a police station in the eastern province of Van, which killed a police officer and two civilians. At least 73 other people,  including 53 civilians and 20 police officers were wounded, officials said.

Authorities blamed Wednesday’s attack on the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which has launched a campaign of car bombings targeting police stations or roadside bomb attacks on police vehicles.

Last week, PKK commander Cemil Bayik threatened increased attacks against police in Turkish cities.

Hours later, another car bombing hit police headquarters in the eastern city of Elazig, killing at least three police office officers and injuring 146 other people, Governor Murat Zorluoglu said. At least 14 of them were in a serious condition.

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