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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Charles Novia comes hard on ‘Gushers’ who had interaction with Mark Zuckerberg

Nollywood movie director, Charles Novia has praised the arrival of Mark Zuckerberg in Nigeria, and revealed it will inspire the tech community. However, he pointed out that Nigerian youths, who had interactions with the Facebook CEO formed accents that almost spoil the interview.

"I can sincerely feel the excitement of the tech community and of young Nigerians over the visit of Mark Zuckerberg to Lagos. Good energy. That Zuckerberg mentioned Nollywood as one of his interests is a positive for the film industry and speaks of better potentials for it

That he said he ate Nigerian Jollof rice and tasted some pounded yam and snails may be a good endorsement for our cuisine tourism as well. The genuine excitement by Nigerians on social media over Zuckerberg's visit is great.We really must thank him for perhaps new inspirations.

However, I noticed one or two things from watching the Facebook Live Zuckerberg interaction today. Too many Nigerian Gushers!

And many who asked questions spoke with a drawl; as if they all are Yankeefied! Whether its put on or natural is left for conjecture. Young Nigerians; be proud of your local accents please. Incorporate them into your amorphous 'fonee' if you will not these drawling 'Rs'

Lots of Young Nigerians need better training for Elocution, instead of giving us Electrocution with their amoebic accents. Na wa o. Do enjoy your stay Mark Zuckerberg and you just inspired a few young techies who will rule the tech world from Nigeria in a few years," he said. 

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