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Friday, 5 August 2016

Caitlyn Jenner sues Photographers for allegedly causing her Feb 2015 accident

Caitlyn Jenner is suing paparazzi photographers for what she alleges was their role in a February 2015 fatal accident involving her. 

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE Jenner accuses the photographers – collectively referred to as "the Stalker Defendants" – of "harassing her throughout the day up through the time of the accident." 

Jenner describes the alleged harassment as driving too close to her vehicle in order to snap photos, tailgating her and overall driving in a reckless manner in attempts to get their pictures.

"As a direct consequence and result of this stalking, harassing and distracting conduct, Jenner was visually distracted, and the negligence and reckless conduct of the Stalker Defendants did contribute to the cause of an accident where seconds and split seconds mattered," the document reads.

In the lawsuit, Jenner is asking that the accused parties be held at least partially responsible for any liability Jenner ensues, and that they bear the financial responsibility of any damages and legal proceedings that occurred as a result of the accident. 

Source: People Magazine 

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