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74-yr-old Woman runs into elderly concert goers, injure nine

Several elderly concertgoers were 'sent flying' after a 74-year-old woman drove into a crowd at an outdoor music event in Parma Heights, Ohio, Sunday.

The driver was leaving a Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin tribute concert at Greenbriar Commons when the accident happened, leaving two seriously injured.

She was pulling out of a parking space next to the dance floor when she got confused and pushed down on the gas rather than the brake, plowing into the crowd, Cleveland.com reported.

Her car lurched backwards in a circular direction, striking eight concertgoers, some of whom were sent flying into the air. All were aged in their 60s or 70s.

The driver then tried to maneuver the car forward, but crashed into a telephone pole and then a parked car.

The accident occurred about 7pm, while the concert was still in full swing. The driver had been put off by another car that was waiting on the right to enter her parking space, police said. 

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