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Thick smoke covers Los Angeles after 20, 000 acres of land burn in Sand Fire

Two wildfires burning out of control Saturday in California have left cities like Los Angeles looking uncanny and supernatural as plumes of gray colored smoke filled the sky after more than 20,000 acres of land has been destroyed. The Los Angeles basin is usually known as a sun-filled area in the summer, but due to the fires, smoke and ash is covering much of the populated city. 

Many people took to social media to share pictures of the weirdly colored sky, noting how the wildfires have affected the area as thousands of homes and a sanctuary for exotic animals are threatened by one blaze. 

Authorities say more than 900 firefighters who are being hindered by scorching temperatures of up to 112 degrees are battling a blaze in mountains north of Los Angeles known as the Sand Fire. 

Residents were also forced to flee from their homes as the flames from Sand Fire close in on them. 
Source: Daily Mail

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