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The Guardian Taps Zuriel Oduwole as Contributor - July 25th Debut

Clearly and truthfully, some are born great, and as history as shown, others have greatness thrust upon them. And then, there is Zuriel Oduwole. The remarkable journey of this young Nigerian has indeed defied logic.

From meeting with 19 world leaders by age 13, to being featured in many of the worlds leading print and global broadcast power media houses, to making her voice heard on children's education or incredibly, making films that show A Positive Africa, that has now screened across 3 continents.

While a major University is mapping her growth for a case study, leading corporate strategists are still working to figure this young lady out, while the divine segment of the society believe they already have the answer tucked away nicely. Either way, she continues to show what the future of Africa can indeed look like, and how powerful youth voices can be in todays 'new economy', driven by social media.

It is in realization of these that Nigeria's most respected Newspaper - The Guardian, has tapped her steel 'small voice', to be the youngest editorial contributor for any major media house anywhere in the world.. Her first piece debuted yesterday, and a tear sheet is attached below.

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